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School Residential Trips and Activity Days in Scotland | Classroom Outdoors

Map of Scotland showing locations of SU Scotland's three outdoor activity centres, Alltnacriche, Lendrick Muir and GowanbankLooking for a school residential trip or activity days in Scotland that will delight, inform and inspire? Look no further than Classroom Outdoors! We have over 30 years of experience providing enriching school residential experiences and activity days for pupils of all ages. Our three outdoor activity residential centres offer a diverse range of activities, all tailored to meet the unique needs of your class or year group.

Our programmes are designed in alignment with Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence, promoting holistic growth and empowering pupils to develop essential social and personal skills. Through our outdoor activity programmes, pupils build self-esteem, deepen relationships, and grow their confidence and resilience.

At our three outdoor activity centres across Scotland, we offer a variety of residential and day packages to suit your group, and our team of qualified and experienced staff are dedicated to ensuring that every pupil has a safe and enjoyable experience.

Book your school residential trip or activity day with us today and experience:

  • Over 30 years of expertise in delivering exceptional school residential experiences
  • Residential and day packages tailored to suit your group
  • Our team of qualified and experienced staff
  • Our Christian ethos, ensuring every pupil feels valued, safe and included

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Primary Schools

Whether you’re planning a primary school residential trip for a class of P4 or 5 pupils embarking on their first adventure away from home, or organising an unforgettable end-of-primary trip for a P7 group, our outdoor activity centres offer the perfect setting. These trips often mark a significant milestone in a child’s life, building confidence, independence and resilience, as they stay away from home, often for the first time. Our centre teams are dedicated to creating an environment where every pupil can thrive, learn and grow. The memories from these adventures often last a lifetime - can you remember your first school residential trip?


Secondary Schools

Whether you’re planning a teambuilding trip for your S1 pupils, specialised leadership or prefect training, or a focused study residential, we’re here to help tailor your experience. Our activities provide unique opportunities to challenge young minds, build leadership skills and improve self-esteem and confidence.

We’re passionate about creating transformative secondary school experiences that leave a lasting impact on pupils’ futures. Our experienced centre staff will collaborate with you to create unique and impactful programmes tailored to your specific objectives.

Outdoor learning has a positive impact on young people, and when that learning is of high quality the impact can be life changing. For many, just being outdoors can have a huge benefit in terms of health and well-being, stimulating curiosity and developing an appreciation of the world around them.



"Fantastic to have so many activities on-site and in such a lovely setting."

Teacher talking about Lendrick Muir, Boclair Academy