Embracing Nature During School Residentials 

Planning a School Residential in a Cost of Living Crisis
6 November 2023

Embracing Nature During School Residentials 

Nestled to the south-east of the Ochil Hills in the rolling Scottish countryside, Lendrick Muir’s 120 acres of woodland and grasslands provides a treasure trove of learning opportunities waiting to be discovered.  

At Lendrick Muir, we are passionate about connecting young people with the natural world. School residentials at outdoor centres provide the perfect opportunity to immerse students in the beauty and wonder of nature. It’s a chance for children to step outside the classroom and into the nature, fostering a deeper connection with the environment whilst gaining valuable insights into a range of habitats and rich biodiversity. 

Here at Lendrick Muir, as we come into our busy summer term of school residentials, it’s been just over a year since the launch of Classrooms Outdoors’s Discover and Explore Programme at Lendrick Muir 

It’s been an exciting year running these sessions, with schools taking part in either nature or sustainability sessions as part of their residential trip.  

The heart of these sessions is giving young people the opportunity to discover and explore the environment around them through games and play. It’s a chance for them to spend time in a range of different habitats, learning about the ecosystem, habitats and the species that reside in the 120 acres of land at Lendrick Muir. 

These sessions bring together cross-curricular learning including science, maths, and art with activities encouraging observation skills and an appreciation for the natural world. Pupils enjoy the chance to be children in nature discovering the environment through play. 

Teachers value the different pace of these sessions, and what this adds to the residential experience. These sessions have added important variety to school residentials and have expanded our ability to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence during a residential. 

The best place to learn about nature is being out in it, and the size and variation of the Lendrick Muir landscape is the ideal place for your school to immerse in the landscape and to learn. 

By integrating nature learning into school residentials, we not only enrich children’s educational experiences, but also nurture a lifelong understanding of the natural world. So, come and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where learning knows no bounds amidst the natural environment.  

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