Planning a School Residential in a Cost of Living Crisis

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21 August 2023
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Planning a School Residential in a Cost of Living Crisis

With rising costs, we understand that planning a school residential can be a financial challenge for schools and families. To help you navigate planning a school residential in the current financial climate, here are some things to think about to help reduce the burden of costs on families, so you can still go ahead with your school residential this year.

Teacher and pupils in coats and wooly hats standing in front of the lochan at Lendrick MuirTake advantage of seasonal offers

A school residential can be more affordable in low season. Prices vary across our centres so get in touch with the teams at our centres to find out more about seasonal prices. And don’t let the weather put you off! Lots of our activities can still take place in the autumn and winter months and autumn/winter residentials provide incredible experiences for your pupils. Read our recent blog post on the benefits of an autumn/winter residential here.

Book in advance

One of the best ways to help manage costs is to plan and book your residential well in advance. The earlier you book your residential, the more time you have to set up a payment plan with families to help spread the cost out over a longer period. Great news: all of our centres are currently taking bookings for autumn/winter 2024. Visit our contact page to make an enquiry!

Transport costs

Transport costs have risen significantly over the last year and this has had a negative impact on the costs of residentials for schools. To help with this, consider visiting a centre closer to your school. We often hear feedback from local schools that even though they didn’t travel far, it still felt like an adventure. Staying closer to school can also help pupils with anxiety feel more at ease knowing that home isn’t too far away.

Top tip: get your transport booked as early as possible – booking early will likely save you some money!

Girl in helmet crossing ropes course at Alltnacriche

Team up with another school

Joining up with a local school is another great way to help with finances as you can share transport costs. Chat to schools in your area and plan your residential together. This can also help to ease the burden of staffing a residential by working together to cover the ratio of staff to pupils you need.

Explore funding and grants

Don’t forget to tap into potential funding sources to support your school residential. In addition to utilising your school’s Pupil Equity Funding and conducting fundraising activities, consider researching and applying for grants. Chat to our centre teams or reach out to your local authority for guidance and available funding options. Here are some resources to get you started:

We also have a School Bursary Fund which can be used to support individual pupils with the cost of a residential at one of our centres.

Need a helping hand filling in a funding application? Here are some helpful resources which speak about the benefits of school residentials:

Thinking about fundraising? Here’s a handy resource from FundEd providing advice on school fundraising.

Planning a school residential in the current financial climate can be challenging, but we hope that this has given you some food for thought on how to make your next residential experience possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our centres for further assistance in making your school residential a reality this year!