Winter Residentials

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9 May 2019

Winter Residentials

Ever thought about a school winter residential – why not?

SU Scotland centres have designed winter residential programmes which provide pupils with an action-packed fantastic experience. A huge benefit of a winter residential is that they are cheaper than coming in the summer which helps make them affordable for all pupils. Not only this we have a Bursary Scheme to help ensure all pupils can attend a residential.

Learning Away (an action research programme) has done extensive research into transformation impact of a school residential.  Using research from 60 primary, secondary and special schools they found overwhelming evidence of numerous positive impact a residential experience can have on pupils, staff and the wider school community.

We believe a winter residential is a really valuable experience for any school group, here are 4 reasons why.

1. Why wait to the end of an academic year?

Going away on a residential provides a fantastic opportunity to build deeper relationships between pupils, help teachers to get to know their pupils, as well as, pupils getting to know their teachers.  A great way to start the academic year.

84% of secondary school children said that after their residential ‘I get on better with others in my class.’
79% of primary pupils said ‘they know their teacher better as a result of their residential.

2. A winter residential allows you to reap what you have sown

Going on a winter residential is cheaper than a summer one making it more affordable for all children to come.  Not only this all the effort and time used to organise a residential isn’t just for a reward at the end of the year.  The whole class benefits from it throughout the year.

71% of secondary pupils ‘felt more strongly motivated to learn.
72% of primary pupils said that ‘their behaviour at school is better after a residential.

  3.  A winter residential provides a unique experience

The longer nights and shorter days offer new learning opportunities such as star gazing or a torch walk.

87% of secondary students ‘felt more confident to try new things after a residential.’
77% of pupils said ‘the way I was taught on the residential will help me do better in this subject.’

Not only this our centres can tailor your experiences along one of the following themes.

  • John Muir : a chance to discover and explore the area around the centre, which could include: a local walk, bushcraft, star gazing, nightline, campfire, den building
  • Multi-Activity : on-site ACTIVITIES (link) to develop team building, resilience and provide personal challenge
  • Literacy and numeracy : using the outdoors and on-site activities to develop literacy and numeracy skills in action
  • Bible Alive : through the outdoors and activities on-site, this exciting programme teaches children P5-P7 the whole story of the Bible in a series of interactive sessions, contributing to the RME curriculum
  • Creative : using on-site activities to create a film of your residential experience.

4. SU Scotland centres are a great place for a winter residential

Scotland’s weather is unpredictable at any time of year so SUS centre have various facilities to ensure activities can happen whatever the weather.  There are games halls for activities such as archery, inflatables and crate climbing, an indoor climbing wall and a kota for bonfires and bushcrafts sessions.  Imagine gathering by a wood burning stove.  Fantastic memories to last a lifetime.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out the Brilliant Residential Campaign for the benefits of Winter Residentials.

All statistics are sourced from Winter Residentials Campaign