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Outdoor Learning @ Lendrick Muir

We are excited to now welcome school residential groups back to Lendrick Muir, alongside our activity days. We are currently taking bookings up to December 2022.

Lendrick Muir

SU Scotland’s outdoor adventure centre opened its doors in 1999 and since then has gone from strength to strength, welcoming children, young people and adults, to enjoy everything it has to offer. We are continually working hard to maintain and develop the centre, adding new outdoor activities and improving the buildings.



Lendrick Muir is set in 120 acres with a great range of on-site activities. Our large building can be split into three smaller units, each with their own entrance, comfortable lounge, meeting room and dining area. With varying dorm sizes our smallest area can accommodate 20 pupils whilst all units combined to accommodate up to 120 on a school residential. We also have:
  • Sports Hall
  • Astroturf and Football Pitches
  • Beach Volleyball (April – September)
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Table Tennis Tables and Pool Tables

Groups will be well fed with homemade food and a choice of evening meals, which include ingredients sourced from our local award-winning butcher. We cater for all special dietary requirements and encourage all pupils to be open minded and try new foods but there will always be an alternative available, so no one will go hungry.
  • Lendrick Muir Sample Menu
  • Packages Available

    • Activity Days 2021
    • Multi-activity Residential (1 night – 4 nights)
    • Multi-activity Residential with an excursion day (3 or 4 nights)
    • Bear Hunts for Nurseries
    • Winter Residential
    • ...all tailored to your group's needs



    Fancy yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood? Give this a go!

    Adventure Play Park

    Sessions will include some free play time on the Adventure Park as well as games and challenges led by an instructor. The Adventure Park is also available to groups as a free time option.

    Beach Volleyball (available April - September)

    Feeling the sand between your toes is unavoidable at our outdoor beach volleyball court.

    Bouldering Trail

    The three bouldering walls at Lendrick Muir present a climbing challenge with a difference. It’s not height that matters here as this is a low-level, horizontal climbing activity that develops pupils’ agility and encourages them to support each other.

    Bungee Trampolines (available April - September)

    Bungee Trampolines are a great way to use up excess energy and practice your flips and tricks. Pupils will be fitted with a harness and winched up so they can bounce to their heart’s content.


    During this session the group will head to the woodland and explore fire lighting using various methods and other bushcraft skills, including bread-making.

    Crate Climbing

    In this activity the challenge is to build and climb a stack of crates, while your teammates hold the ropes and keep you safe. The higher you climb, the more wobbly it gets and when the crates fall, you may be left hanging around.

    Crazy Golf

    Our course is filled with a range of different obstacles to encourage young people to concentrate on their aim, improve hand-eye coordination and have lots of fun.

    Disc Golf

    This is a variation on golf using Frisbee discs aimed at a basket. Our course has 9 baskets and runs through both open ground and forest, making this a challenging and fun activity.

    High Ropes

    Jacob’s Ladder
    In pairs or threes, you need to work together to climb this ladder with a difference, while the rest of your team belay you to keep you safe.

    Pizza Box
    This activity involves a whole team of 8, 4 belaying and 4 climbing. The four climbers need to work together to stand on a small square of wood on top of a 6m pole.

    Leap of Faith
    The Leap of Faith is a personal challenge which is great to watch and encouragement is essential. Participants climb 8m to a small platform and leap to a trapeze hanging in midair.


    A fun activity to burn off some energy - everyone will want to participate! We have two inflatables: Bungee Run, where two people compete to run the furthest, and Demolition Zone, where up to four players compete to be the last person standing.

    King Swing

    This activity combines an adrenaline rush with a team challenge. Two people are harnessed onto the swing while the rest of the group winches them up, before releasing themselves for an exhilarating swing out.

    Low Ropes Course

    Lots of challenges await on our Low Ropes course. This offers both individual fun on various rope challenges, as well as activities where pupils work in pairs to help each other balance and progress round our course.

    Mini Survival

    This session takes place in the forest and involves a mixture of storytelling and activity. Pupils are introduced to their 'wee dude' and encouraged to imagine how they might have got lost in the woods. We then learn about different survival skills and build our wee dudes a wee shelter. Careful though, the chances of it raining before the end of the session are high and we don't want our wee dude to get wet!

    Multi-use Games Area

    Using our all-weather pitch, we run a fast-paced session, often including races, team games, tag games and more.


    For this session, pupils are given a blindfold and encouraged to use different senses to explore the world around them. This session starts with games to encourage the team to support each other and explore their different senses, then we head into the forest to try and complete an obstacle course.


    We have several orienteering courses on-site, of varying difficulty. Instructors will help pupils learn to read and navigate using an orienteering map, before they try and complete an orienteering course.

    Team Challenges

    Small teams work round a series of challenges designed to test the group’s ability to work together and encourage them to consider each other, take leadership and share ideas. Groups earn points for success in these challenges and for their teamwork. These points are then used in the finale activity.

    Tree Climb

    Harnessed up and ready to go, the challenge is to climb our 10m high tree whilst your teammates take up the slack. This is a great activity, but not for the faint-hearted!

    Trail Biking

    There are lots of tracks and trails across our grounds incorporating challenges designed to improve mountain bike skills. Participants must be able to ride a bike for this activity.


    Raft Building
    Teams work together to design, build, launch and paddle a raft on our lochan and complete challenges - do you think you could get everyone on your raft to do the hokey-cokey without someone falling in?

    We can offer introductory sessions to both canoeing and kayaking on our lochan.

    24 September 2021

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    2 July 2021

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    "Fantastic to have so many activities on-site and in such a lovely setting"

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