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Check out our amazing range of free RME resources that you can use in the classroom to help children explore Christmas, Easter and transitioning from primary school to secondary school!

Light Up Christmas

Light up Christmas is a free RME resource for primary 5-7 pupils from SU Scotland.

This curriculum friendly video series comes with a selection of supporting resources including quizzes, crafts and group work.

The downloadable programme is simple to use, providing everything needed to run a ninety-minute programme, which can be delivered as one lesson or split into three parts.
Now available with Ukrainian subtitles and translated resources!

Find out more and download this resource here.

Colour in Easter


Colour in Easter is a free RME resource for Scottish primary schools.

Based around a three part video series, this cross curricular resource for P6 and P7 brings the Easter story to life! Alongside the videos is a downloadable resource pack with quizzes and reflection activities formatted for both classroom delivery and home learning. Colour in Easter is simple to use and can be delivered as one session or split into shorter lessons 

Colour in Easter has been produced in partnership with SU Ireland. 

Find out more and download this resource here.



MOVE is a free cross-curricular resource to help children progress from primary to secondary School. 

Join Sarah, Mark and Darren as they help us think about this exciting next step, over three short films. What feelings are we experiencing? What will influence us? How will it change us and challenge us 

The videos are accompanied by icebreaker activities, group discussion questions and personal reflection sheets, which give the children the opportunity to consider this change through the key themes emotions, foundations and growth.

Find out more and download this resource here.