School Bursary Fund

School Activity Days 2020/21
9 May 2019
Lendrick Muir/Letham Primary School Partnership
24 September 2021

School Bursary Fund

School Bursary Fund for School Activity Days and Residentials

At our centres we are passionate about seeing every young person have the opportunity to engage in outdoor learning through an activity day or residential.  We already offer day rates, sibling discounts, discounted rates for Pupil Support Assistant and now a School Bursary Scheme.

Purpose of the fund

Our desire for the School Bursary Fund is to make it possible for pupils to afford their outdoor experience, either for an activity day or on a residential.  We understand that otherwise some pupils would miss out on this rich and valuable experience. We don’t want any child to be left behind!

Who can apply?

The beneficiaries of the fund should be aged between 8-18 years on the final date of their visit and must be enrolled as a student with visiting school/college.  Applications should be made on behalf of the pupil(s) by the school head or lead teacher on the booking rather than the parents or guardians directly. This is because it is the school who make a booking with us rather than individuals.

How much is awarded?

We want to work with the school to reduce the financial cost for eligible pupils. We would also encourage schools to utilise any other available funds, (i.e. Pupil Equity Fund, Fundraising, School Funds) to support this individual.

We will award up to a maximum of 50% of the course fee for an individual. This covers accommodation, board and lodging, activities and transport whilst on the residential course.  It does not include travel to and from the Centre or other costs added by the school.  Each pupil is considered individually.

Where do the funds come from?

The school bursary fund has been supported by generous donors who share our vision to work with children and young people at our outdoor centres.  We are grateful for their faithful support in making this bursary fund possible.

Read more about the finer details of the Bursary Fund. We hope this will help you bring every pupil in a class and build memories that will last a lifetime.